Commission on Women

Ever since the establishment of the Commission on Women it has been about raising Awareness on issues concerning women. We looked at the use of “exclusive” language as was used (and continues to be used today) by the Church. We encouraged the use of “inclusive” language in the communities in our prayer, office and rituals. We explored and restored the women in the Old and New Testament and noted their importance in O.T. and how they were treated by Jesus in the N.T. We also looked at early Christian women and their roles in the early Church. This we did by using workshops and rituals and by promoting books on Christian Feminism, Theology and Spirituality. When there was an increase of migrants into this country we raised awareness on the issue of Trafficking, the difficulties of Muslim women including female genital mutilation as a result of female circumcision and rape etc. With the coming of the recession, we looked at how poverty was impinging on the lives of women and their families. We noted the increase of domestic violence and depression with families splitting up and how this affected the mental and emotional states of women.

However, not all was doom and gloom, we also rejoiced in and highlighted the success and promotion of women in business, politics and positions of influence in Ireland and beyond e.g. two Presidents and the “glass ceiling” broken in the law courts with promotion of women to high office. We noted that the voices of Religious women were not often heard and wondered why educated women would have nothing to say about the many issues of the day. As a commission we encouraged sisters to become involved in organisations, clubs, societies etc. where women would gather.