Justice and Peace

Justice and Peace Commission

The Ursuline Justice and Peace Commission meets regularly since established by the 1990 Chapter of the Order as the Commission for the Care of the Deprived. The original brief of the Commission was:

  • To find ways of raising awareness, within our congregation, of the needs of the materially poor and ways of responding to those needs.
  • To explore who in the congregation are interested in working, in any way, with the deprived.

In recent years care of the earth and integrity of all creation have also been important elements in our work.

Over the years we have developed resources, newsletters, prayer services and we have offered day seminars on selected topics.

Ursuline Justice and Peace Prayer

In the spirit of Angela we long for peace and harmony in all things.
May our awareness of injustice and inequality grow.
May we be ready to take small steps in action
for justice,
for fairness,
for right relations,
and for care of our earth,
giving glory to the Source of all being.