Karen: Kenyan Region

A Brief History

Karen is one of our own properties. It came into existence in late 80s. At this time the Irish Ursuline Union in Kenya was only beginning to have a formation house. Hence there was a need for the congregation to have a place near education centers to enable the women joining to have proper education for the future mission. For quite some time the only existing community was the formation house.

Now the Karen compound is a complex. There are 3 communities namely:

  1. St. Joseph community- this is Pre novitiate
  2. Regional House
  3. St. Angela’s community

St. Joseph’s Community

At the moment there are 5 postulants and 4 aspirants. The postulants attend inter-congregational courses. The aspirants have lessons at home. Apart from lessons, these young women take care of the compound. On the compound we have a cow, which Joymaire, an aspirant, looks after. She also sells milk to the community, formation house and the neighbors. We also keep broilers, layers and local chickens. Aspirant Mary, Victoria and a postulant take care of this department. Others are in charge of the farm, where we grow bananas, maize, beans, and vegetables. It is great joy to have the young energies around!

St Angela’s community

As the name highlights, our community is called after our Holy Mother, St. Angela Merici whose feast day we celebrate yearly on January 27th.

There are 4 sisters in this house:-

  • Susan Wanjiru
  • Vera Osama
  • Kevina Ekal
  • Rose Wasike


From left: Srs Kevina, Susan, and Vera.

The ministries presently are as follows:

Sr. Susan works at Nyumbani children’s home as Laboratory Technologist.

Sr. Vera is a student in Marist International College. She is a fourth year student and she will be doing her final examinations in April.

Sr. Rose works at Langata as District Clinical Officer. The biggest Slum in Nairobi, Kibera is part of Langata District. Therefore we deal with a lot of upper respiratory tract infection and diarrhoea diseases. It is quite challenging to work in Kibera Slums but at the same time very satisfying. Sr. Kevina is a first year student at Marist International College, where she is studying Kiswahili and Religious studies.