Feast of Saint Angela Merici

On the 27th January we celebrate the feast day of Saint Angela Merici, our foundress…below is an extract from the letter of Sue Flood OSU, our Prioress General on for our feast day…

“In many ways, our times have many things in common with the times in which Angela lived. In recent weeks I have been reminded of her words in the 7th Counsel : In these perilous and pestilential times … We know that women and men of Brescia went to Angela for personal support, for advice and wisdom. Today we continue to be confronted by danger and disease, by political unrest and division, and by the anxieties and uncertainties that grow from these experiences. I wonder what words of wisdom Angela would have for us this year, 2021?”

This image from South Africa is offered by Sr Sue to  “encourage all of us to hear again Angela’s invitation to sit with her for some moments. Let us thank her for the spirit which, together, we have inherited from her. Let us share with her our cares and concerns, for ourselves, for our sisters, and for our world. Let her encourage us to be open to and generous in our response to each other person we encounter in our daily lives. Let her boost our efforts to move out beyond the boundaries by which we find ourselves restricted. And let us listen deeply to the wisdom she offers. The word she speaks to you will be different from the word she shares with me. However, I have no doubt that for each of us, there will be echoes of her deep faith, her buoyant hope, her personal care and respect. And I know that she will point each one of us to Jesus – you will have no other recourse than shelter at the feet of Jesus Christ.”

Happy Feast Day!