Irish Ursuline Union to join the Roman Union

In 1900, Pope Leo XIII invited Ursuline convents around the world to come together in a Union. Sixty two houses voted to join the Union. After 300 years of autonomy, the Roman Union gave a united, international expression to Angela’s charism. Throughout the 20th and into 21stcentury, more houses joined the Roman Union. There has been a growing sense of both the importance of an international witness to religious life and of the necessity to continue to respond to the signs of the times in an ever changing world and a growing desire to strengthen the bonds between all the daughters of Angela.

Following five years of discernment we, members of the Irish Ursuline Union, voted at our General Chapter in 2016 that ‘the Irish Ursuline Union will apply to begin the process of joining the Roman Union of Ursulines.’ The process that followed was carried out in a context of continuous discerning prayer and included:

· a secret vote by all professed sisters in September 2016

· a period of more intensive integration and sharing of information,

· a final vote by all professed sisters in June 2017

Following a positive vote by over 90% of the sisters, a request was made by the General Council of the Roman Union to the Holy See that the Irish Ursuline Union be included as the Irish, Wales, Kenya Province of the Roman Union. This was granted in July 2017.

On January 27th this year – the Feast of St. Angela Merici we will renew our vows into the Roman Union of the Order of St Ursula