Mission Sunday in Cork

Sunday 18 October was Mission Sunday. HolyCrossChurch, Mahon, for the first time raised to visibility in a systematic way, the work of Irish Missionaries in far-flung fields – and especially in part of the world where poverty and oppression are daily realities.
A recently produced video by Charlie Bird, which had been commissioned by IMU, served in place of a homily.
Seven religious congregations with members resident in the local parishes were represented. Among them the Ursulines had a small display, entitled “From Cork and
Kenya“. Our resources included brochures, Kenya
kitenges, Angela’s “Fate, Movetitie . . .(Act, Bestir . . .) ” on cards, a slide-show on Maire’s laptop of photos of our work in Kenya. These had been taken by Pamela about six years ago, and were a fine resource. We also had a copy of the painting “Angela at Prayer” and our banner emblazoned “URSULINE SISTERS”. Finally we had quotes from Angela, ready for lucky-dip style picking by interested parties. Maire complete with guitar, gave a (initially) quiet rendition of Ewe Bwana, Utuhurumie! i.e. the Kyrie in KiSwahili. I had the words written up on a white-board, and was all set to teach the troops! We had, truth to tell, an only  modest response from the congregation! However, one woman came up to me, as I was strumming quietly for mercy. She announced “I just love your spirit”. So, forthwith, I revved up on my guitar, stood up on my hind legs and begged with all the verve and unction at my disposal for mercy. It made the whole venture worth it!