Papal Mass on the Day for Consecrated Life

On Tuesday evening all the conference participants gathered once again with Pope Francis for Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica with the overflow outside in the Square.  During his homily Pope Francis spoke of the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus as the Feast of Encounter.  In the temple Jesus comes towards us and we go towards him – he encounters Simeon and Anna and their lives are filled with joy.  Pope Francis reminded us that our vocation began with an encounter with Christ that changed our lives.  He called on us to go to and take this encounter to the peripheries to share Christ with others – our vocation is not for us it is a gift for the Church.  We are to take our lead from our founders who were moved by the Spirit and not afraid to bring Christ to others.

At the end of the Mass in the Basilica Pope Francis came outside to greet those of us in the Square.