Remebering Yesteryear: Reunion from Novitiate days in Sligo

It’s a kind of wonder that people whose paths in life crossed four to five decades ago can still find themselves engaged, content, free and relaxed enough with one another to forget for a while that their lives have followed different trajectories.

The Occasion: a gathering of past and present Sligo novices of Sr. Dolores.

The Incentive: the death one year ago this month of the first of our sister-novices to die: Ursula Coleman (Carroll) RIP.

The Excuse: the 50th anniversary of Dolores’ appointment as novice mistress in Sligo, during the summer of !965.

The Venue: Olga Cox (Cameron)’s home in Monkstown: as colourful, quirky and enthusiastic as herself.

The Timing:  Saturday Sep. 12th, afternoon to evening: enough time for a cuppa, a quick visit to Ursula’s resting place, a quick dip in Monkstown waters, and then: The Banquet.

This last was concocted and commanded in a military-style operation by Olga. We troops arrived with agreed starters and desserts, and the main-course operation was overseen by Olga herself: Delissssh! In addition we savoured: home-made raspberry ice-cream: Yum!; White chocolate ice-cream Yummer yet! And all sorts of yummy everything: Yummiest of all!

We were thirteen gathered on the day: 5 current, and 8 past, Ursulines.

We spiced our evening with a (fun) quiz to stimulate ancient memories. We updated one another on the current passions that energize us. And boy! Was there energy abroad! We swopped jokes and stories, and tucked in with abandon to the platters of plenty. Last Orders took place about eight, so distant friends could find their way home. Those remaining (reduce-, reuse-, recycle-ers all) gathered up the left-overs –  not quite twelve basketsfuls, but near enough – and enough too for me, at least, to be absolved of the need to do any serious cooking for the best part of a week

I’m still smiling – inside and out. Thank you, Dolores and Ursula. Thank you all who came. Thank you, Holy Mystery, fo you must surely be smiling too.

Maire O’Donohoe (Sr. David that was)

 Other attendees:         Mary McHugh: Sr. Augustine


Mary Cosgrove: St. Elizabeth


Olga Cox: Sr. Cecelia


Kitty Kelly: Sr. Croi Naofa


Anne Gallagher: Sr. Ursula


Elizabeth Carroll: Sr. Mary of Lourdes


Catherine McHugh: Sr. Jude


Mary Conlon: Sr. Teresina


Rosaleen Harkin: Sr. Monica


Catherine Cunningham: Sr. Andrea


Paula Gallagher: Sr. Christa


Mary Campbell: Sr. Mary.


Here is the text of our Grace on the day:

Grace for a Celebration:

Gracious God, we thank you for your goodness;

For yesterday

For today

For tomorrow.

For you have filled our glass with good cheer

Our table with delicious food.

You have filled our hearts with friends,

Our minds with hope,

Our imaginations with shapes of things to come.

Be gratified, Gracious God,

For you have made us well.

Enjoy our joy! Amen