Remembering Sr Philomena RIP

Remembering Sr Philomena RIP        24th December 1977 – 8th October 2020

With deep sadness in our hearts we remember Sr. Philomena whose sudden death came so quickly leaving us bewildered and confused. A young and vibrant woman is gone from our midst and we are shocked and in pain.

It is so hard to believe that we will see no more Sr. Philomena’s beautiful smile – which could light up a room,  no longer witness her preparing the pupils in St. Patricks for life, no longer have her beautiful voice enriching our prayer. We struggle when we realise that she will no longer be part of the local Christian community giving expression to God’s love and care.

Sr. Philomena lived life in faithful response to the call she heard as a young woman to grow in love of God and others in the Ursuline way of life. She served with commitment wherever she was sent and spent the last seven years in Mutune where she became deeply involved in the St. Patrick’s school and local Christian community even as she continued higher studies so that she could have more to give to her students,

We are particularly saddened that she will no longer be a comfort and consolation for her sorrowing mother and family. They generously supported her in her chosen way of life. We pray now that in their sorrow they may find comfort in our support.

We must come to terms with the grief, the loss, the shock. It is a painful time. We feel really supported here by the care the Christian community is giving to our sisters and to Sr. Philomena’s family.

We know that Sr. Philomena is now beyond all pain and it is comforting for us to believe that she is enveloped in our loving God’s infinitely mysterious caring presence.

May she rest in peace with the Lord whom she served so well.