Return visit to Wales

Earlier this month Sr Margaret Mary (Shannonbridge) and Sr Patricia (Dublin) made a return visit to our two communities in Wales where they had both taught for several years having entered the Ursulines in Thurles…take time to read Sr Margaret Mary’s reflection on their visit…

We’ll keep a welcome in the hillside

We’ll keep a welcome in the vale

This land you knew so well will still be singing When you come home again to Wales…….

I have just returned from a ten day visit to Wales. I was happy to afford Srs Aloysius and Finnian the opportunity to come to Ireland whilst I visited  Sr Bonaventure on a daily basis and of course caught up with old friends and acquaintances. I took a trip down memory lane and remembered fondly my first appointment to Wales. I always considered my time there as one of growth, and happiness. Sr Bonaventure is a patient in Morgannwg House which is the actual house where we worked in the school and was originally the sleeping quarters for our boarders.  It was quite nostalgic each day to visit Sr Bonaventure and to see her in a room which was originally a classroom. Visiting Sr Bonaventure each day was surely an inspiration. She suffers from a disease called Pagets Disease and is unable to walk, however each day our daily conversations rallied around knitting for Eastern European Countries, the Irish Ursuline Union, the Roman Union, and of course her immense love of the Theatre in Brecon and Wales and Sarah Siddons. She continues to do research in relation to the Theatre in Wales and is writing various papers which in due course she hope will be published. Very many Past Pupils are in touch with her and recently she celebrated her 94th birthday and was very proud to show us all the P.P. who wrote very beautiful tributes to her on Facebook page!!!!

I spent two days also in Cardigan and was warmly welcomed by Sr Angela. She is totally immersed in the Parish and also very involved in various aspects of education in Diocese of Menevia. It suddenly dawned on me since I returned to Ireland that we will actually be in Brecon 70 years in 2018.

Much has been achieved.

” For all that has been Thanks

   For all that will be Yes”