Talks and Discussions on Apostolic Religous Life

Over the days we spent in Rome we were privileged to attend many sessions with inputs by speakers from across the world who are all consecrated men and women.  Each day began with prayer and Lectio Divina led by a different person before the inputs were given. The speakers over the days included:  Christophe Theoblad, SJ; Msgr Carballo, OFM; Bruno Secondin, OC; Nuria Calduch Benages, MN; Nathalie Becquart, XMCJ; Mgr Martinez, OFM; Innocenzo Gargano, OSB; and Carmen Sammut, MSOLA.  The specific time for Apostolic Life concluded with a panel discussion on the theme: Apostolic Consecrated Life looks at the future.

On Monday we participated in a panel discussion which brought together all the different strands of Consecrated Life and the learnings of the time spent together. This panel was chaired by Frederico Lombardi, SJ the Press Secretary at the Vatican.  The panel included: Carmen Sammutt, MSOLA; Ester Stucchi, OSB; Pascual Chavez Villanueva, SDB; Paola Pellicano, OCV; Olga Krizova, Secular Institutes; Anna-K Pollmeyer, New forms of Consecrated Life; Emili Turu, FMS.

Monday evening concluded with an Oratorio with music and direction by Msgr. Marco Frisina – On the Trails of Beauty which was an exquisitely crafted composition with music, scripture, readings from the founders, ballet, images, choir, orchestra and soloists.  It was a joyful end to our day and lifted our hearts to God through the arts.

We were blessed to share in these days including meeting other consecrated men and women from Ireland among the participants.  We shared in the days too with four R0man Union Ursulines – two from Slovenia and two from Slovakia.