Visiting the schools of the Eastern Provcince, USA

A warm welcome was extended to Srs Anne and Anne Marie as they met with staff and students of the Academy of Mount Saint Ursula, the Bronx, New York where Sr Jeannie Humphries is Principal and with students gave them a tour of the school.  It is the oldest continuously operating Cath0lic girl’s high school in New York state, founded in 1855 in East Morrisana, New York City by Ursuline Sisters who came from St Louis, Missouri.

From here they moved onto the Ursuline College of New Rochelle where another warm welcome awaited them from staff and students – another Blue-Ribbon school of excellence.  “Educate – Inspire – Empower, has been the defining mission of Ursuline schools here for over 115 years. New Rochelle was founded in 1904 and was the first Catholic college for women in New York State.