Waterford community celebrate consecrated life in their local parish


Last weekend the sisters of our Waterford community prepared the liturgy for the Mass in the Sacred Heart parish on Vocations Sunday to share with the people among whom they live and minister the richness and joy of religious life today.

Sr June spoke at the Masses, offering a brief history of religious life, a short overview of the orders serving in the city (their names decorated the sanctuary) and reflections from her personal fulfilling and enjoyable experience of living her Ursuline vocation.  Sr Breda composed a prayer of recommitment for everyone, which was recited by congregations at all Masses.  Sisters and parishioners participated in reading prayers of the faithful and bringing gifts to the altar.  The Ursuline Constitutions was included as symbol of consecrated life and a lighted candle symbolised the faith of the congregation gathered to worship.  The celebration was marked by a sense of appreciation, gratitude and hope.   


Rekindling Commitment

(Said by all in place of the Creed) 


Today we renew our commitment to our own calling in life, be it married, single, religious or priestly:


•A commitment to love as Jesus loved
•A commitment nourished by memory, making the life, death and resurrection of Jesus our aspiration and our hope
•A commitment sustained by courage, trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit
•A commitment lived in solidarity with others
•A commitment carried along by the joy of the Gospel Good New

On this day those called to consecrated life offer

•A commitment to reach out in love to all by the Vow of Celibacy
•A commitment to share all they have and are by the Vow of Poverty
•A commitment to be open to the Spirit of God by the Vow of Obedience.

May our loving Lord give each one of us the grace to live the promises of our own particular calling in life, with the support of our families, communities and friends.