Meadow Grove

The house was purchased in April 1992, with the intention that it serve as a formation house.

As time passed, it became a Centre for Christian Meditation in the late 1990’s, under the care and inspiration of Sr. Dolores Giblin, and Sr. Margaret Collier.

Sr. Maire O’Donohoe joined the community in 1999. She started working as a Music Teacher, a Creative Writing Workshop facilitator, and a Counsellor.

Maire continues these involvements on a smaller scale today. She works also in a voluntary capacity as part of the Steering Group of Cork LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) ( an alternative currency system, which enables people to trade goods and services they have but do not need in exchange for those they need but do not have.

Maire is the sole Ursuline in Meadow Grove since the death of Margaret in summer 2012. Dolores had returned to her God in 2006. May they both rest in peace. Some of the Meditation groups they started continue to meet weekly in Meadow Grove.

Today Maire is the proud farmer of three hens, a bijou greenhouse, and a hopeful vegetable patch.