I have been living singly in an apartment in Douglas since 2006. It was a natural progression for me because, before that, I was living with one older sister for 14 years in a convent attached to St Angela’s College. When she moved into a larger community I lived alone until I had to clear out the convent as we were selling it to the Dept. of Education and Science. I had prepared for retirement by training for a Pontifical Diploma in Spiritual Guidance and a Certificate in Soul-Making and was interested in working with adults. I was invited by a priest of Frankfield/Grange parish to be a “presence” as there were no Religious in the parish.

The following are some of the pastoral activities I have been involved in since I arrived:-
Do this In Memory programme with the parents of children preparing for First Communion. I trained with others in the Bereavement support programme and co- ordinate a group to prepare the liturgy for the annual Bereavement mass. We also contact the bereaved to offer support on the first anniversary.

I have also designed and facilitated a Course on Spirituality; worked with a family in their home, preparing them for Advent; participated in our parish Scripture group during Advent and Lent. I am an active member of the Parish Assembly for the last 5 years and, as such, helped to organise the Parish Mission. I am a Eucharistic Minister in the parish, undertake visitation of older people. And meet clients for Spiritual Guidance.

My passion is Adult Religious Formation as well as designing and producing creative rituals and liturgies to enable people to get in touch with the Divine and so help their prayer.