Ascension – The great commission

On this great feast of the Ascension of the Lord we see the culmination of Jesus’ life on earth as the apostles witness him returning to his father but before he goes away from them he commissions them for the work he called them to do.  He gives them authority to baptise and teach all people of all nations.

They are all in Galilee, the place where he first called them to leave their fishing boats on the shore and to follow him – they did this with great trust and have spent three years with him watching, listening, learning, witnessing, questioning and now it is all handed over to them.  It is now their time to take forward the mission of Jesus in the world, among the people of their time.

This great commission is handed on to us too, it is now our time to take forward the mission of Jesus among the people of our time and place. We too have authority to teach others, to share the message of the Gospel with others and to know that like the apostles we do not do it alone, Jesus is always with us in our mission.  Will we take the challenge – accept the great commission to hand on faith to the next generation?

Karen OSU

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