Over the years Ursuline Sisters of the Province have written books recording the history of our houses and missionary initiatives

The Ursulines in Cork: 1771-1996 by Sr Ursula Clarke (out of print)
Second Edition  – The Ursulines in Cork since 1771 – adding two chapters to bring the story up to date in 2007 by Sr Ursula Clarke

Two Hundred Years Agrowing: 1787- 1987: The story of the Ursulines in Thurles by Sr Mercedes Lillis

Sligo Ursulines: the first 50 years by Sr M. St Dominic Kelly (out of print)
The Sligo Ursulines: 90 years of growth (1876-1966) by Sr M. St. Dominic Kelly (out of print)

Saint Angela & the Ursulines by Sr M. St. Dominic Kelly
The Spirituality of Saint Angela by Sr M. St Dominic Kelly

Marie of the Incarnation (1599-1672) Correspondence translated by Sr M. St Dominic Kelly. (Now only available from the Centre de Marie of de L’Incarnation in Canada)

History of the Ursuline Waterford – Edited from the Annals 1816-2016  by Sr June Fennelly

To mark the Golden Jubilee of the Irish Ursuline Mission to Kenya in 2007 a commemorative book was published – The Kenyan Region celebrates the Golden Jubilee of Ursuline Presence this year

Celebrating the Shared Story if the Presentation Sisters and Ursuline Sisters in Ireland 1767–1827 by Emer Madigan PBVM and Mary McDaid OSU – a commemorative book published to mark the gifting of the letters sent by Nano Nagle to Eleanor Fitzsimmons one of the first four Irish Ursulines.

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To mark the transition from the Irish Ursuline Union (1978-2018) to our joining the Roman Union of the Order of Saint Ursula in January 2018 the Sisters commissioned John Scally to write the story of the 40 years of the Irish Ursuline Union – Bound by the Bonds of Love

Books we have written for pastoral use in parishes or schools:

55 Ways to Connect with Families in your Parish by Sr Karen Kent

A resource book for clergy and parish pastoral groups who seek new and innovative ways to connect with families in their faith communities.  It was published in 2017 by Veritas as Ireland prepared to host the World Meeting of Families in 2018.

This book is available from


Inspired by the publication of Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis’ celebrated document exploring the joys and challenges of modern family life, 55 Ways to Connect with Families in your parish is a timely guide book for clergy and laity that provides thoughtful and practical ideas for involving families in the Church throughout the liturgical year.

The ideas here incorporate prayers, scripture passages and thought provoking excerpts from Amoris Laetitia which will inspire all those who seek to make parish life spiritually rich and rewarding.

On the Journey by Sr Karen Kent

This is a resource book for Catechists, Chaplains and all who pray with young people

It was published by Columba Press in 2006 and is available via their website:


How often have you wondered ‘How can we involve young people in our liturgies?’
or ‘What can I use for prayer/assembly today?’

This book provides an easily accessible answer to these questions often heard on the lips of chaplains, catechists, youth leaders, parish liturgy groups and all who pray with young people. It offers 35 ‘prayers’ for the journey through the seasons with young people, in school and parish settings. They are the product of a journey made with young people and are appealing and stimulating to them in their faith journey.

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