Company of Saint Ursula

21st Century Commitment to Christ

Are you searching…?

…to deepen your loving relationship with Christ

bringing it into every situation and moment of every day,

no matter what your occupation, vocation or profession?

…for a radical, celibate life

 with the opportunity to meet regularly with others of a similar mind?

….for a vision of a new way of life, lived out in the everyday world

by committed women and men

with the freedom to develop and set your own structures of dedication?

If these words are striking a chord within you might be interested in being part of developing a new model of consecrated living. Angela Merici was an Italian woman who felt drawn to live in a special close relationship with God but she did not want to enter a convent or monastery. She created an alternative! Maybe you are feeling a similar desire to belong to a strong supportive group .What might it involve?

  • Meeting regularly, perhaps weekly, for mutual spiritual support.
  • Exploring a spirituality that focuses
    • on the relationship with Christ as central,
    • on value and respect for the individual,
    • of working always for harmony and reconciliation.

You may know someone who may be interested……..