“While It Was Still Dark, Resurrection Began” (Jan Richardson)

Easter – a fresh start to the challenging perplexities of my life and the life of the world at this time. I find myself de-energised and pained by all that we are experiencing – wars, pandemic, earthquakes, homelessness, violence, ecological and environmental disasters………

So my hopes are somewhat limited by all that is going on. But my heart knows that my response to all the negativity must be informed by Easter hope and that must propel me to always be on the side of life – that is the message of the Resurrection – the possibility of new hope, not only for us humans but for all of creation.

Indeed, it is possible to see the empty tomb of my life and the life of the world as places from which new   life will emerge and unexpected wonders happen.

While it was still dark (Jan Richardson)

Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalen came to the tomb – John 20 : 1.

While it was still dark.

While it was still night.

While she could not see.

While she thought death held sway.

While she grieved.

While she wept.

While it was still dark, resurrection began.

                                                B. O ‘ S.

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