Graced Places

The history of our friendship with God is always linked to particular places – places which take on an intensely personal meaning and revisiting these memories does us much good.

Francis our Pope tells us that these are places of grace, where we sense the bright presence of a Mystery beyond us, places that our Celtic ancestors called “thin places” because they sensed that heaven and earth were very close.

Let me tell you about one place of deep personal meaning for me…it was a glorious summer evening.  I was privileged enough to find myself strolling along Banna Beach in North Kerry on my own…the sand between my toes…the sun on my back…harmony all around me…I looked into the far horizon and savoured the majesty of the mountains on the far side of the bay…the sun  was setting and filling the sky with a glorious melange of blues, indigo, orange, purple, pink…a wonderful breath-taking melange of  colour…in this beauty, this fullness, this peace, all I can say is  that I was filled with a mysterious Presence beyond me…it was a sacramental moment…something of God was alive and well in me.

Query for Contemplation:

Reflect on a place of inspiration in your life that filled you with a mysterious Presence beyond yourself.    

                                                                                                 B. O’S.

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